At Orangopus we believe in a free & open-source model and aim to build a platform in which users can create their own projects, but also receive ongoing mentorship through platforms such as Discord and be rewarded through said initiatives. Well that's the idea...

Here you can find experimental open-source projects that are not fully completed but are currently in development.

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Nerd or artist? Spaces are specific learning hubs where you can post your projects and receive immediate feedback from like-minded octopuses and inklings.

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Orangopus Studios

Yes, we are building a games studio! All of the games we develop will be 100% free-to-play and open-source!

Read the announcement on our Horizons Article

Big thanks to RetroKrystal for setting up the Mixer Meetup back in
March 2019. It was a pleasure to meet you all!

We plan to attend MixCon 2020!

Contribute to our OpenCollective page or throw some spare change to help development costs!

Meet the orange octopuses who are powering the next evolution in project creation for creators & beyond.

Meet Jordan Founder

Jordan is a web designer and developer from the United Kingdom. He has seen a gap in a niche space that needs to be filled. He is also learning from past mistakes from previous organisations where the model just didn't work out. He aims to improve that when building the Orangopus stack.

Meet Steven Developer

Steven loves to make things. You'll always catch him on FL Studio making some fire mixtapes and sharing them with his fellow octopuses. He is also based in Australia so likes a good ol' shrimp on the barbie mate. ;)

Meet Alex Community Maramalade

Alex is the community marmalade tasked with the job of managing our community. He also loves sending animated GIFs in your messages. Be warned though, he likes to take up a valuable thing called time.

Moddopuses are the lime holding us all together. They have an important role to moderate our community for us and flush away the bad ink that comes into our chat.

ItsGrizz Moddopus

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Notice downtime on our projects?

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